BIO 106: Evolution and the Diversity of Life

BIO 112: Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

BIO 202: Plants and Human Affairs (Syllabus: Spring 2015)

BIO 206: General Botany (To be replaced by BIO 325, Plant Form and Function. Will teach for first time in Fall 2017) (Syllabus: Spring 2015; Syllabus: Spring 2016)

BIO 302: Systematic Botany (Syllabus: Fall 2014; Syllabus: Fall 2015)

BIO 302: Field Systematic Botany (Syllabus: Summer 2015)

BIO 407: Evolution (Syllabus: Spring 2014)

BIO 445: Plant Conservation (Advanced Topics in Organismal Biology) (Syllabus: Spring 2016)